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If you use normal internet explorer, it sometimes disappears to underneath my information or the bottom of my blog :s I dunno why!

2. Will you check out my blog?

No need to ask, I look at everyone’s blogs as soon as i can.

3. Can you follow me back?

Ofc :) I follow everyone back!

4. How do you edit photos?

From photoscape - to download it click here.

5. What’s your cat’s name?


6. Gay/straight/bi?


7. How many followers do you have?

I think it’s against the tumblr code to answer this question. But I have a reasonable amount <3

8. Can I add you on facebook?

Probably not, unless we talk a lot. But the link to my facebook is on my links page if you want it.

9. Do you have formspring?

Yes, look on my links page :)

10. How do you get the falling snow on your page?

<script type=”text/javascript” src=””/></script>

11. Can you reccomend some good blogs?

Look at my links page - they’re my friends’ blogs, and they’re amazing :)

12. What’s your theme?

It’s from ‘Ricklr’, and it’s called ‘Simple Aww' :) 

13. Can you promote me?

Yes of course, just ask me! <3

14. How can I reblog with your theme?

Hover over the picture and either click on it, or click on the small blue triangle that pops out of the side.

15. Do you ever unfollow?

Yes, if you haven’t been active in over 3 weeks. Because you are not maintaining your blog and you don’t care about tumblr :’( :’( :’(